Person holding paper from Dopper about ending packaged water
November 28, 2023
Have you ever thought about the environmental impact that single-use packaged water has on our planet? Or the damage that is created by selling something that runs freely from our taps? We have.

We are Dopper and we are here to end packaged water.

We're going to the COP28 UAE as part of the Dutch Climate Envoy, invited to help lead the agenda as COP28 Water Champions.

We choose to seize the world stage to advocate for systemic change, because it’s absurd that drinking water is still packaged and sold for profit.

We’re confident that as a company we can drive this change. Just like consumers can, by drinking tap water instead of packaged water. And we need global leaders to accelerate the transformation.

And it is absolutely necessary.

Like for Kamal, an 8-year-old boy. He lives in Nepal where water supply is inadequate. Sadly, he isn't alone. Did you know that today 33% of all children live in water-stressed areas?More shockingly, by 2025 half of the global population - four billion people - could face water scarcity.(1)

We're sure you all agree, we must prevent this from happening. And a ban on packaged water will help us get there.

Why? Because packaged water has profound environmental, water availability, and emission consequences:

The production depletes water resources, consuming two to four liters of water to produce just one litre of drinking water.(2) Wasting precious water to create water should be halted.

To world leaders, to the international community and to you: Let's take a stance and deliver tangible results on water policy and water security. Together we can end packaged water and provide Kamal and the rest of the world with clean, safe and sustainable tap water.


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