June 3, 2023

Time for a friendly wager. Now that hot weather (alright – by Dutch standards) has reached us, we bet you have done at least one of three things:

  1. Considered installing industrial strength air conditioning (after all, it IS worth it for four tropical days a year);

  2. Planned to read your book in the sun, only to wake up three hours later – 4.5 pages in and sunburnt to a crisp.

  3. Wondered how you’re going to keep your bottle of water cold when you’re lounging on the beach, partying on a boat or stuck at a sweaty (home) office.

At Dopper, we can ease at least some of your struggle. No, we’re not handing out air conditioners. But we did design a kick-ass insulated water bottle that ensures your water stays cold for 24 hours. All day, all night.


Warm weather stats

As a Dutch company, we know plenty about Dutch summer. We know that we classify anything of 20°C and higher as a ‘warm’ day, stepping up the terminology to ‘tropical’ for 30°C and above. (Anyone living in actual tropical climates, you may laugh now.) We also know we like to make the most of the warm weather when it’s here, flocking outdoors when the Met Office predicts high temperatures.



Sweat, hydrate, repeat

Surprisingly, we didn’t write this blog just to win a bet and list some weather related facts. We’ve actually got some solid, completely impartial and utterly unbiased advice on how to beat the heat. Don’t. Dry. Out. On hot days you'll sweat more, which means you should drink more (water) to replace that lost liquid. Around 2 litres seems to be a good guideline (let's say 3 to 4 Dopper Insulated bottles worth).

To keep things really cool, here’s what you should do: get yourself a reusable insulated water bottle. . One that’s on an ocean-saving mission would be ideal. Then, fill it with cold tap water. Like it freezing cold? Fill it with ice cubes, top up with water and thanks to double-wall vacuum insulation, the Dopper Insulated will keep it that way up to 24 hours. Yes, really.

During production, the air is sucked out of the space between the two steel walls, creating a vacuum that slows the cold or heat trying to escape from inside the bottle to the outside.

That means the cold water you took with you on your 100-kilometre bike ride will still be cold at the finish line. Except you’ve drunk it all. But you get the idea.


Cool, clean bottle on a mission

And yes, adding ice cubes (or lemon, mint, cucumber, strawberries…) really is that easy. Because like all our bottles, the Insulated is a bottle and cup in one. Providing a wide opening ánd allowing you to sip in style. Also, the separate parts make it easy (for your dishwasher) to clean. So you can safely use it over and over again. Which is, of course, exactly the point of our badass reusable bottle on a mission to fight plastic pollution.



Final words of wisdom

Before you exchange this blog for the Dopper webshop , we’d like to leave you with our top three tips for Dutch summers:

Pear-flavoured Festini ice lollies are the best. A Dopper Insulated makes the perfect summer birthday gift. You should never (ever) sit on a bicycle saddle that’s been in the sun for hours. (You’re welcome.) Did you know every Dopper bottle sold reduces plastic pollution and brings clean drinking water to the places people need it most? Yup, that means our Insulated bottles, too. Blue, terracotta, black, white, grey, pink or glass? All colours come with incredible insulation capacities ánd ocean-saving skills. Sign up to our news splash to learn more.

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