June 8, 2020
Reusable bottle brand Dopper launches international movement, Dopper Wave, on World Oceans Day together with House of Sunny, One Planet Pizza and Laura Crane

An international survey commissioned by Dopper reported that one third of Britons still use a single-use plastic water bottle on a daily basis.

This is why the sustainable water bottle brand is launching an international movement this World Oceans Day, the Dopper Wave, to urge organisations and individuals to collectively stop using single-use water bottles. A small adjustment in our daily routines with a great impact: clean oceans.

A statement against single use water bottles

For over 10 years, Dopper has dedicated their efforts to raise awareness and increase education around the plastic waste issue. An issue that is still relevant today, as research indicates that 1 in 5 Britons are not or only barely aware of the problems around plastic pollution. At the same time, a truckload of single use plastic still ends up in our oceans every minute.

Together with over 300 partners across Europe, including sustainable London fashion label House of Sunny, body-positivity ambassador and ex-pro surfer Laura Crane, as well as vegan frozen pizza brand One Planet Pizza, Dopper calls on everyone to join the Dopper Wave and by doing so, pledge to ban single-use water bottles and embrace drinking from the tap instead.

In participating, companies, organisations, events and individuals vow to:

  1. Stop buying single-use water bottles

  2. Drink tap water whenever and wherever possible

  3. Always remember to bring a reusable water bottle

  4. Inspire others to join the Dopper Wave too

‘’We want to inspire people to make small adjustments in their daily routines with big impact: clean oceans’’, says Virginia Yanquilevich, CEO of Dopper. ‘’In the past months, more than ever before, it has become clear that small, individual actions can truly make a difference. With the Dopper Wave, we want to encourage everyone to join forces so we can bring about positive change together.’’

Proud partners

Today, on World Oceans Day, with the help of partners like House of Sunny, Laura Crane, One Planet Pizza, Impact Hub London, Tony’s Chocolonely, Ace & Tate and others, Dopper aims to draw attention to the plastic problem. From now on, these organisations and individuals will inspire their employees, fans and other players in their sector to choose tap water over bottled water.

Founder of House of Sunny, Sunny Williams, explains why their team is banning bottled water and joining the pledge: “Our process is slow but takes into consideration all environmental factors to make sure we are taking care of planet, from the factories we produce in, to the materials we use. We take our time and know the ins and outs of what our product is made up of and where it comes from. For me sustainability is a way of life.”

Signing the pledge

Anyone can now join the Dopper Wave by signing the pledge. By doing so, they say goodbye to single-use water bottles and inspire others to take responsibility for cleaner oceans as well.

Sign the pledge here.

UK partners that have already signed up:

Ace & Tate UK

Ash Radford

Blue Ollis


House of Sunny

Impact Hub London

Laura Crane

Lydia Graham

Oh Lydia Intimates

One Planet Pizza

pebble magazine

Tony’s Chocolonely UK

European partners that have already signed up:

Alba Messa

Alma Natura


Better Future

B Lab Benelux

BOSS Paints

Blyde Benelux




DJ Makasi

Dominic Eulberg

DOT Coop

Ecover Belgium

Fairtrade Belgium

Great Place to Work NL

Green Jobs

Impact Hub Barcelona


Jack & the Weatherman

Jalou Langeree

Javi Garcia



La Fille D’O

Marieke Eyskoot

Marit Bouwmeester

Mud Jeans



Paper on the Rocks

Plastic Soup Surfer

Roderick Pijls

The Playmakers

Thomas Acda




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