Read the story on their dog food vending machine.

Two boys standing next to a bin with a dog's face on it
April 9, 2021

Plastic does not belong on the streets. But, unfortunately it’s there.

The good news? Binayak and Bipul, two boys from a little village in Nepal, are changing that. The boys are re-writing the plastic story.

Binayak and Bipul have transformed a bin into a dog food vending machine. This vending machine provides hungry stray dogs with food to eat. When someone throws plastic garbage into the bin, the bin automatically dispenses a serving of dog food – it rewards good behaviour.

But why dog food? The streets of Nepal have two big problems: plastic pollution on the streets and stray dogs. These two problems don’t go well together. The stray dogs eat the plastic polluting the streets. After this, they don’t live very long. That’s why this solution is exactly what Nepal needs: it tackles both problems.

Curious as to how it works? Here, the winners explain it themselves:

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