A line up of 6 coloured Dopper Water Taps
September 28, 2022

13 years of Dopper. That’s quite some time. And in that time, we haven’t been sitting idle. In fact, we’ve achieved a lot in our fight against plastic pollution:

💧 Saved our oceans from 75.4 million kilograms of plastic waste

💧 Provided clean drinking water to 37.400 Nepalis in remote areas

💧 Educated tens of thousands of kids about plastic pollution

💧 And more than 1 million individuals, companies and thought leaders have joined our Dopper Wave and pledged to say goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles forever.

Those numbers make us proud.

But we haven’t solved the problem. Yet. Millions of single-use plastic water bottles are still being sold on a daily basis. If we continue, it’s estimated that by 2040 a total of 27 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our waters. Every year. Clearly, this is not the way to go.

To get closer to achieving our mission, we felt the urge to take the next step. We took a deep dive into the problem; why do people still buy single-use plastic water bottles, even though they have a reusable one at home? Research* shows that people find refilling their water bottles at public water taps a hassle. Meanwhile, it’s incredibly convenient to buy a single-use water bottle. Well, one plus one equals two.

To solve this problem, we had to innovate. We came up with a device that changes the way we drink - and tap - water. A device that reinvents refilling in a way that’s never been done before. Let us introduce to you…

Person standing next to a blue Dopper Water Tap

This innovative device is a triple threat. Let’s get into some of the logistics.

The Dopper Water Tap is a Talking Tap

Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually speak. The Taps Droplet shaped interface communicates with its user via customised messaging. Together with an agency specialised in behavioural change, we’ve created over 200 positive messages to stimulate the use of the tap, reward the ones who do and motivate them to continue to choose reusable over single-use. Some examples of those messages?

The Dopper Water Tap is a Smart Tap

There’s nothing more motivating than actually seeing how much impact you’re making. That’s why we’ve connected the device to the internet. With every bottle refilled, the device collects data about the amount of plastic, plastic bottles and CO2 emissions reduced, and shares that information to a personal Impact Dashboard, accessible to the owner of the Dopper Water Tap. This information can be used in internal and external reports, in marketing and to crush your sustainability goals. It’s easy. It’s effective. And it’s fun!


The Dopper Water Tap is a good looking Tap

We’ve mentioned it before, the Dopper Water Tap is designed to change behaviour and to turn tapping tapping into the new norm. To realise our goal, we had to make refilling your bottle more fun and more attractive. So… That’s just what we did. The result? An awesome and iconic design that pays tribute to our original Dopper Water Bottle. Hard to miss, easy to find, even easier to use. The Dopper Water Tap is available in 8 fresh colours, and can be customised to perfectly match any venue or organisation. What’s not to love?

Together we can turn the tide on plastic waste and turn tapping into the new norm. Find out more about the Dopper Water Tap here.

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