Personaliza la tuya. O regala a tus seres queridos una botella Dopper personalizada que puedan usar para simplemente rellenar y evitar el agua embotellada.

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Not sure which bottle to choose? With four ocean-saving collections to choose from, there's a Dopper for everyone. On every occasion. Everywhere.

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One Bottle. All Seasons.

• Mantiene el agua 9 horas caliente, 24 horas fría

• Elige entre 7 colores épicos para las botellas de 350 ml y 580 ml

• Elige entre Breaker Blue y Blazing Black de 1 L

Cradle to Cradle Certified® (Bronze)


• Stainless steel

• Available in 350 ml, 490 ml, 800 ml or 1.1 litre

• Cradle to Cradle Certified® (Bronze)


The Original Trailblazer

• Strong, lightweight and ideally sized

• Available in 10 colours, holds 450 ml

• Produced in the Netherlands using wind energy

• Cradle to Cradle Certified® (Silver)

For Crystal Clear Waters

• Durable borosilicate glass

• Available in 400 ml and 450 ml (insulated)

• Insulated version keeps water 2 hrs cold, 1 hr hot

• Cradle to Cradle Certified® (Bronze)

• Green Product Award Winner 2021

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Select Original, Insulated, Steel or Glass (Insulated).

To customise a cup only, first select the correct cup from our selection of spare parts. Not sure which cup you need? We're here to help. Just answer these questions.



• Pick your favourite colour

• Spice things up with one of our latest patterns

• Add some text and/or your name

• Upload a nice picture (of your cat, your face or your dad's favourite plant)

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