A couple of empty single use plastic water bottles

Water is the lifeblood of our planet. We believe it shouldn't be bottled, plasticised and labeled. It shouldn't be shipped around. It shouldn't go from here to there and there to here. It shouldn't be imported, exported, taxed. It shouldn't be scarce. It shouldn't be monopolised. It shouldn't be marketed. I shouldn't be sold. It shouldn't cost you, or us.

But it does. Water is being trashed to the point that we can't do the one thing we're meant to do with it:

Drink it, from the tap.

GIF showing various plastic water bottles and water
Dopper Founder Merijn Everaarts standing in the Dutch sea

Our founder, Merijn Everaarts, was sick of seeing plastic water bottles polluting the sea. He wanted to give people an alternative to single-use plastic. And in 2010, the first Dopper bottle was born.

Since then we have continued to create more solutions to end packaged water and get people to drink tap water.

A goal that big is not accomplished by changing an individual, it is accomplished by changing the entire system.

So we get people to bring and refill their reusable bottle, urge companies to provide and promote tap water and lobby governments to make tap water safe and accessible for all.

Woman on sup board paddling with a black Dopper bottle

We're here to solve a problem. But not at the cost of creating another. So we minimise the impact of our solutions to have a net positive effect on the planet. We do this in a number of ways, from how we run our company to how we create our products. We're here to solve a problem.