Designed to change behaviour.

Person standing next to a blue Dopper Water Tap
Person placing Dopper bottle on the Dopper Water Tap

Together, we'll put an end to packaged water

Millions of single-use plastic water bottles are sold on a daily basis. If this behaviour continues, it's estimated that 27 million metric tonnes of plastic waste will end up in our world’s waters every year, by 2040.

Clearly, something has to change.

By installing a Dopper Water Tap, you can be part of that change, and help make tapping the new normal.

The Dopper Water Tap offers a unique experience. Its droplet-shaped interface, loaded with over 200 customised positive messages, will interact with your employees or customers and motivate them to refill, rather than buy single-use plastic water bottles.

Man tapping water from the Dopper Water Tap
Different coloured Dopper Water Taps with complimenting background colours

Designed to look at home anywhere, the Dopper Water Tap is available in 8 fresh colours, and comes complete with your logo.

If you’d like to get your own customised Dopper Water Tap, download the brochure and request a callback from a member of our team.

A personalised dashboard will give you insights about the impact your organisation is making. The dashboard shows the amount of plastic waste reduced in kilograms, the number of single-use plastic bottles reduced, and the amount of CO2 reduced.

The smart tap provides inspiring impact figures, enabling you to share company impact goals and results with your audience.

A blue Dopper Water Tap with the light blue droplet reading the number of KG of plastic is reduced

If you’d like to get your own Dopper Water Tap, download the brochure and request a callback from a member of our team. The declaration of conformity of the Water Tap is available upon request.

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Dopper Steel bottle with Ecover logo on a table in an office setting

Choose yours from our sustainable range. They are shipped within the EU with 100% carbon neutral footprint.