Woman looking at her phone on the streets of Amsterdam

Fresh drinking water. You can’t live without it. Now, finding it is easier than ever before—whether you're in the park, at the beach, or on your commute.

Visibility is key, so please help enhance the visibility of public water taps on Google Maps by leaving ratings and reviews for these locations.

can be found on our locator (below) in Europe today. And together with our friends from we've optimised water tap visibility in Google Maps. Open full size map here.

Person refilling their black Dopper bottle at a public water tap

It turns out that the biggest barrier stopping people from using public water taps is simply being able to find them. Crazy, right? Especially considering that public water taps:

  • Adhere to the strictest of safety and quality standards

  • Are readily available and free

  • And remove the need to buy single-use packaged water

Have we missed a water tap? And would you like us to add a tap to the map? Please let us know.

Making public taps searchable was only possible thanks to our partners.